Team Meeting Notes 2/1/2016


Fulvio, Victor, Paul, Kim, Victor, Rob, Christina


  • Project halted due to login issue but it seems fixed now (Jens—we are very grateful for your perseverence!!!)
  1. Everyone on the project, please log in and let Victor know so he can update your user permissions


  1. Assessment of what we have left to do to get the new site published
  2. Prioritize remaining issues (Victor & Christina)
    • There are no blockers
  3. Discussed having a sprint in U.S. (possibly Penn State area) shortly after PLOG in Sorrento
  4. But first, we will do a remote sprint on Friday, Feb 12

Thanks for keeping it going!

I wanted to attend, but fall sleep putting my kid to sleep :-/ I will try to be around on the 12th!

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