Team Meeting Notes 11/9/15

We’re still shooting for an end-of-November launch!

GitHub Issue Tracker

Attending: Paul, Coen, Fulvio, Rob, Victor, Kim


Discuss Coen’s design

New to Plone Page

Feedback from Communication/Marketing Team on the “New to Plone” page was that it should include links to:

  • Install Plone
  • Beginners tutorial
  • Documentation
  • Community help
  • Local Users Groups
  • include report a bug? (direct to github)
  • report documentation fixes (this may be a post-launch addition—have to talk to Sven)


  • what do people get when they sign up? Badges. They can submit events.
  • Do they get a badge for having signed a contributor agreement?
  • what do people want to contribute to? who handles that information and follows up? a "community intake" person?
  • Discussion about Installing Plone vs Trying Online vs Sven's appliance
  • use font awesome for icons

Plone “Community” (former Team) Page

C/M team also suggested another landing page to invite people to the Plone Community. It should include:

  • Plone teams and description
  • how to join teams and/or contribute to Plone


  • no badges on this page because they're very similar
  • three columns to contrast with the previous page (2 columns)
  • can add rows to show more teamswhat do links take you to if you click on them?
  • maybe need a team detail page and a contact form to allow someone to contact a team or a team leader
  • consider foundation members to be members of a team and show a badge for them; just show directory info


Feedback from the Communication/Marketing Team on Homepage Sliders were to:

  • Repurpose some of the Plone 5 posters
  • Create an “advertisment” for because lots people not aware of this awesome new resource
  • Include one or two conference group photos


  • add a button under The Ultimate Enterprise CMS to say "Check out"T
  • ext on all of these pages is open to editing/writing.
  • Tooltips are possible for each of these navigational elements.

Final Decisions:

  • No slider anymore on front page (accessibility problem, need for nice photography that we can't fulfill easily, use up screen space)
  • "Get the latest Plone" would stay where it is.Conference and/or two upcoming events would be at bottom right corner.
  • change footer: "Developers" -> "Contribute"

Github integration/Login

  • Working but we need to fix some issues: User search (enumerateUsers plugin) does not work, required for c.workspaces and grant local permissions etc…Users now are Github id numbers too, we should overcome this
  • Paul ran into a bug logging in; Jens!
  • Victor: searching by something other than a numeric ID
  • We get GitHub name, username, and avatar but should be able to override avatar


Asked Martin Opstad to install a plugin on to retrieve stats, on the meantime we have some general stats that could be used on the front page