Team Meeting Agenda/Notes

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Kim, Christina, Victor, Fulvio, Rob, Chrissy, Coen, Sally

##Transfer to New Server

  • Ready -

    • rather than redeploy on current server, move to staging server
  • To do:

    1. SSH Access for Fulvio and Victor (request made!)
    2. Update buildout
    3. Playbook update
    4. DNS change
    5. Let Sally know once it’s done
  • Chrissy poked at the template

  • New theme & homepage merged (woohoo!)

    • discontinue work on old branch and work only on new branch (Victor will send email to let everyone know)
    • Theme will be enabled by default
    • Still need main nav items
    • TinyMCE styles being worked on
  • How to connect Github user with Plone user (avatars); searching for users (help Jens!) The PAS plugin provides an url. 107

  • Work on the profile template is done

  • Work on collective.badge is done

  • Change to was released in version 3.0.14

  • Fix to was released in version 2.2.1

  • Changes to collective.workspace for Plone 5 compatibility haven’t been merged or released yet—use that branch for now (

  • No updates


just a quick question :slight_smile:

Is the theme on done in terms of colors or will be there more changes ?

The reason why I ask is, that I want to finish the new theme for, so that we can deploy the new planet, shortly after the new :smile:

Thanks !