renewal to Plone 6 has started - join the discussion

The Plone communications and marketing team is aiming for renewing to Plone 6 in 2022, with the help of the Plone community.

The preliminary plan was presented at Plone Conference 2021:
With slides: The New Built on Plone 6
(and the video is on LoudSwarm).

The plan is also presented here:

Do you want to help?

Help needed, for example in these areas:

  • Discussion about the plan at Discord
  • What contents and audiences should be highlighted
  • Migration info/suggestions
  • Putting up a testing site
  • Help with visuals and images
  • Help with content work

Contact us

Contact the team at []( renewal) for questions or more info.

Remote Sprints will be organized to move things further. Stay tuned!


The current was launched after several sprints, including the one at Ploneconf2015 in Bucharest and then a final one at State College (Penn State university) in the spring of 2016.

We switched the new (current) site live at midnight from the dining room table of our esteemed release manager, @esteele