Meeting Notes, 10/26/15


  • Quick post-sprint status recap
  • Server info update
  • Announcement
  • To-dos

GitHub Repo:

Attendance: Christina, Victor, Coen, Lennard, Paul, Rob, Fulvio, Gil

Announcement #1

  • fully migrated from Plone 4.something to Plone 5! Upgrade easier than anticipated!
  • Final migration of all content done (including sprint info Christina & Kim worked on)
  • New (production server) info: on agenda for the Board to discuss at next meeting (to fund server)
  • Dev site to stay on old server, we’ll just have to deal with how slow it is

Announcement #2

  • Launch by Dec 1: yes, we can do it!


How can we develop locally and have content?

  • Sensitive info (nothing major, just not for public consumption) will be removed until just before launch
  • Designers & themers need some content to work with
  • Be smart: don’t develop on a public machine and don’t change content workflow status

PAS plugin for GitHub being worked on, likely to be completed this week

”New to Plone” page discussion:

  • something similar to, but what is the purpose of our page?
  • Could make 2 pages:
    • New to plone with demos, docs, etc
    • Teams landing page (community landing page?): team info, how to get involved, etc.
  • It’s ok to have multiple landing pages for different reasons
  • This item is on Marketing/Communications team meeting scheduled Fri, 10/30; Christina will update issue with meeting outcomes (info needed before can create design)

Stats Discussion: what stats should be on profile pages?

  • Twitter integrated
  • stats being worked on
  • could count # packages contributed to
  • could show last 5 github commits
  • could show last tweets, etc.
  • Showing total Github contributions could exclude those who contribute but aren’t programmers, could be intimidating to new programmers/community members
  • Idea for launch is to keep contribution stats general
    • ex could do “last year” or “last month”
  • Would be great (post-launch) to incorporate fun metrics like who deleted the most lines of codes (more thought & discussion to come later)
  • Other stats like sprints, conferences attended, etc. will be visible with badges

Goals of the site:

  1. To show that there is a community around Plone
  2. Show that Plone is being actively developed all the time
  3. A medium to help cultivate and grow the community


  • Ended by assigning unassigned issues in issue tracker
  • Lots of minor problems likely to be resolved with upgrade to Plone 5, which is great because we’ll be able to close several issues!

Update: PAS Plugin for Github (OAuth 2.0) - pas.plugins.authomatic

Hi Jens,

Long time no talking! :smile:

I could help with the UX issues but I don't have time to (learn how to) install it. So if you could provide an Heroku demo or similar where I can have a look at, I will be more than happy to help.

Let me know,

Hi @enzus,

thanks for the help! Maybe easiest is if @sneridagh updates to latest master, so you can check directly at - would that be ok?


Yeah sure, it will do! Just let me know when is updated and I'll have a look