Plone Open Garden 2015

Hi Plone Community,

PLOG is the Italian Plone event, taking place in Sorrento from 7 until 11 April 2015 and aimed at those who are passionate about the Plone CMS.

It’s the best way to get in touch with the community, and it’s free.

Visit the PLOG official website to find out what's new.


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BTW, PLOG 2015 has been declared Plone Strategic Summit!

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this is an established Plone event (every year, since 2007), all details are here:

no video coverage of the event is provided, if this is what you mean by webinar.

If you're coming to Sorrento for PLOG, please tell us your T-shirt size using this form.
And tell friends coming with you to do the same!!

Thanks, and see you in a few days :slight_smile: