Plone on old server

I can have (for free) an older server with A LOT of SCSI (Raid) disks. I plan to have only Plone ( 5 & 6 ) on it ( just to develop 'in-house'.

I can choose between two (see screenshots, this is all info he sent me), which should I choose.

I will install ubuntu. Any version I should choose ?

Processing: 20220125_120806.jpg...
Uploading: 20220125_121804.jpg...

cannot see the screenshots...

not sure why, but they do not upload (just spinning).

(they are small, so strange)

Cant get them to upload, so I put them here:

the one more recent (2016) with more ram and L caches and cores. This kind of servers are well supported by Ubuntu, sometimes network cards requires to install some custom firmware but you find them easly.

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Thanks (so you mean this: 20220125_120806.jpg — Grieg Medialog Tags ? )

Should I try to install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS ?

I would do so.

Seems to work great (faster than developing on my iMac)

Slightly off topic: Making a bootable stick from my mac only worked after I 'found' BalenaEtcher ( balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives )