Plone on Kubernetes?

Anyone running Plone in production (on a larger scale) on top of Kubernetes in the cloud?

I am currently digging through K8s and wonder how you would organize ZEO server and clients in a Kubernetes setup - in particular from the prospective of the storage layer (Data.fs and blob storage).

Some thoughts (and configurations) would be very welcome.

We are currently exploring that world as well, and will probably deploy something in the second half of the year. Some things to consider (that you might already know, but still worth writing them down).

The Plone docker image has support for separation of zeoserver and client, so scaling clients appropriately should be fairly easy. K8s allows auto-scaling tricks, so that could be even better.

At the moment we are experimenting with Rancher and configured a Storage Class with Rancher's own software Longhorn. This allows the storage of data in a persistent way (and highly available, if the cluster is highly available) on the cluster nodes. I haven't tried with an external provider like Amazon EBS or other alternatives yet, but it should behave the same, as long as you configure the storage class.

One thing I don't know and still haven't thought of is if there is a way of scaling the zeoserver, and I don't even know if it's needed and at which scale it would be.

We tried RelStorage on postgres in the past on a cloud architecture based on Marathon+Mesos, it worked pretty well but I wasn't very involved in the configuration so I don't know much about it.

I don't have any solid configurations of our own to share, because we only have drafts and also because most of the configuration is done TTW in Rancher, so we didn't actually write any code.

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It would be really cool if we could get Relstorage running on top of Yugabyte.
It is actually working but there is some issue with timeouts and reconnects which transactions that would take a while...but as proof-of-concept: Yugabyte and Relstorage are obviously working.


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