Plone Newsletter Feedback

After 6 months, you must have some thoughts, let us know! Leave a comment below to:

  • suggest ideas
  • get your articles included (add url to your blog)
  • make general comments
  • etc.

The newsletters have been great! Thanks!


thank you!

Five stars (out of five) for the Plone newsletter!

My apologies, but I don't have any suggestions for improvement, a new
article, or any general comments except keep up the great work!


Ok, no worries! Just want to let everyone know that suggestions are always welcome.



Yes they have been great, thanks a lot comm team well done.
I'd like to have the full newsletter text on planet.plone and on e.g

Or !

Yes, I got your input from last month and will be doing posting the Sept.
newsletter in full on Don't know why I didn't think of it
before so thanks for bringing it up!