Plone Mockup: select2 (relatedItem) query function not defined

trying to edit some content, getting this error for each RelatedItems Field "RelationList" (z3c.relationfield.RelationList)

patterns.pat.select2: Failed while initializing 'select2' pattern. query function not defined for Select2 s2id_autogen1

This is how it looks


Used Versions:
Plone 5.1.2 2.3
mockup 2.7.2
plone.mockup 1.0

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I'm having the same issue in one of my plone sites.

What conten type are you trying to edit?
I get the same javascript error when editing an Event after intalling collective.venue.

Strange thing: in another computer, the same buildout, with the same packages installed, doesn't give this error.

Plone 5.1rc2 (5109)
CMF 2.2.12
Zope 2.13.26
Python 2.7.14

I think my solution is nothing you can work with :wink:

I doubled all <script> tags in the Meta-section - after clearing that, all works as expected... sorry

From the screenshot, this looks like a javascript error.

If it is difficult to find out how to fix it, it can sometimes help to install and / or uninstall an add-on that registers javascript and maybe disable / enable the theme (?) this is what the fix looks like :wink:

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