Plone migration steps advice

I'm new to plone, so please bear with me: I've been tasked with attempting to upgrade a site running on Plone 4.3.18 with Python 2.7 to a current stable version, 5.2.6, with Python 3.8.

If I understand the documentation correctly, it would be best to upgrade to the latest version of 4.X , and then to the latest version of 5.X. That would take me to .4.3.19/Python 27, and from there to 5.2.6/Python 2.7. Once at 5.2.6, I can consider attempting to move from Python 2.7 to Python 3.8. I understand there is also an additional step to upgrade the database when moving from a site using Python 2 to Python 3.

Am I correctly understanding the documentation?

Thank you.

Welcome @ksr-plone,
You could also look into collective.exportimport

Overall for an inline migration of the database this multi-step approach you described is the right thing to do. Another way is to export the data and import it again in a new site as @pigeonflight pointed out.

It really depends on your data and plugins used to decide whats better and easier.

Thank you, @pigeonflight and @jensens. I will take a look at collective.exportimport, and keep in mind the possibility of exporting site data and import it to the new site.