Plone marketing needs a designer's help!

Plone is in need of designer help creating and adjusting the occasional brochures and flyers.

Our current, very last minute need is with the EuroPython conference, for which, as a silver sponsor, Plone gets a half-page ad, but even if you're unable to help with this immediate need, we would love to hear from you for future projects!

If you are a designer or your organization has a designer who has the time to help Plone, please let me know

hi kim, what´s about the deadline / when is last minute;? do you still have some content (text...)?

Hi Alex!

For the EuroPython conference (July 26-29), Plone has a booth and a silver sponsor listing, which includes a half page ad in the conference booklet (requirements are in

The deadline is June 15, so very short.

We are thinking we could go with the idea from past years of emphasizing Plone's reputation for security, but we are also going to have a poster session on "Plone & modern front-ends", which is Plone + React and the new Pastanaga UI

I will gather up the Idealware 1/4 page ad we recently used as well as content from other brochures and posters (as always, they are in various places and the last time we pulled them together into one place was over two years ago).

Thank you for asking!

hi kim, just send me the size in mm of the half page, then i could try to hlep and make a layout for the europython conf. i would try to build something based on the last years as you mentioned...

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I'm in if you still need. Just send the requirements and I will help you.

Thank you, Charles! Alexander has kindly agreed to take this on but we will
be sure to ask you for help on a future project!

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