Plone.login event subscriber

I have some login events subscribed from default Plone, however I wanted to use the plone.login package to allow me a little more flexibility with customising the login templates.

The problem I'm having is somehow migrating the events from the default Plone login system to the plone.login way.

Is it possible to use the original event subscribers for the plone.login package..? Do I have to register an adapter, if so is there a way to inherit the "event" like object which is passed by the default event subscriber..?

I need to register 2 events, 1 for the InitialLogin and another for the LoggedIn states.

Is there a way to have cs.auth.facebook implement with the plone.login IInitialLogin interface..? Can't seem to get any of this working...

The events triggered during login are the same as before (because the are triggered by Products.PlonePAS, not by plone.login or the old login-code). So these should still work.
With plone.login you can register an adapter that can run arbitrary code after login and/or initial login including returning a custom url to redirect to. See the docs at

I have not yet looked into what would be needed to integrate with cs.auth.facebook and such. Also external_login_url is not yet implemented.