Plone_legacy bundle fixes in 5.0.5, 5.1a2?

Hi there,

when will the fix(es) for the Plone legacy bundle problems appear in the next releases?

Are they scheduled for 5.0.5 and 5.1a2?


Any update on upcoming releases?


Again: are there any new release on the horizon?

The current sad state of Plone 5 remains the same: nearly impossible for integrators to build any usable add-ons and websites on top. Plone 5 is still a brown-bag release - since the first day of its release.


I think Eric mentioned he'd have new releases out by the end of the week.

I have same problem with 5.06

What problem exactly? Are you referring to any open issue?

I posted the related problems numerous times here and there are a bunch of issues on Github.


THere is no Plone 5.0.6.
5.0.4 is latest.