Plone Infrastructure Maintenance [services: svn, dev, archive] June the 9th from 10:00PM CDT

On June the 9th from 10:00PM CDT on, Rackspace will migrate some of our servers to another location in one of their datacenters.

Affected services:

According to Rackspace it is not known, yet how long that will take !

What does that mean for you ?
If you are still using to checkout old code/plugins make sure to do that before, during the maintenance window, will be down.
This site [static html, with download link of old] will be down.
During the maintenance window you will not able to download the content of the old or good-known versions also, no svn checkout [] will work.

This will not effect downloading Plone 4.x, Plone 5.x, Unified Installer or Add-ons !

Thanks for your understanding !

Plone Infrastructure Team