Plone-in-a-box Digital Ocean droplet


springfed dot com will be the web presence for my business.

The domain registrar redirects springfed dot com to IP addr : 8080
which shows IP addr : 8080 in the location bar, and does not
offer HTTPS.

Any guidance on providing secure transport and springfed dot com
instead of IP address would be appreciated.


You need a load-balancer/ or a proxy-web-server in front of Plone.
The web-server or load-balancer listens on port 80 (or in case of secured connection on 443 with a certificate in place) and forwards the request-packages to one or more Plone application server worker instances.

I do not have experience with offers by Digital Ocean. If you need only one or a few workers, then cheapest is probably to install a web-server like Nginx on the machine running Plone or on a separate machine if more than one worker is planned. On high-traffic sites an external load-balancer (I think Digital Ocean offers this) could be handy.

For more on general Plone deployment please read Guide to deploying and installing Plone in production — Plone Documentation v5.2

If you have any specific question follow up here.


I've since switched to a vanilla Ubuntu 22.04 and running from
a UnifiedInstaller 5.2.9 instance, it is serving from port 80, so
I'm rid of the :8080.
It looks like I need to learn about nginx for providing https service.


Managed to get SSL configured via nginx -> Plone 5.2.6
using a certificate bought from NameCheap.
now on to content :-}