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Some weeks ago I volunteered (after a suggestion coming from some community members) to lead the Plone i18n Team, and attended the last 2 meetings of the Plone Steering Circle.

My idea for the Plone i18n Team is to coordinate and inform translators about the upcoming work on translating Plone. Remember that starting from Plone 6 we will have to take into account also Volto's translations.

So as a first step I will do a i18n audit of Volto, to check what is right now missing there.

After that I would like to set up a Jenkins job to check the translation status, like it is currently done for Plone here Translations [Jenkins]

If anyone is willing to help or has some ideas (I have seen some community members using weblate or some other translation platforms to handle the translations, so this could be an item to discuss), just drop them here and we can organise a meeting to discuss all these items.


that would be a great idea, so that more non-programmers can help with translations.

We use Pootle here quite a bit to sync our translations with Plone (edit > there doesn't seem to be a Python 3 version). Will have to read up on Weblate.

Just ping me for the Jenkins job :+1:

For all interested on this topic, I have booked an OpenSpace slot during the Plone Conference 2021, for Thursday 28th of October at 15:00 CEST.


I would like to help you

Some members of the Plone community have been using the Transifex platform [0] to manage the translations process, not only module translations but also the Plone documentation.

At my Ploneconf2021 talk [1], i will trying to share the experience to try to maintain Spanish translation for Latin America community.

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[1] ¡Plone en español! [Spanish]

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