Plone gettext .po - msgctxt support?

Hi all,

Does Plone support msgctxt context in .po files? How? I could find very little on the topic, mostly discussions in 2007-2010 (hannosch, limi) about possibly implementing support for it.

Cheers - Norbert

The template engine Chameleon have support of the i18n:context attribute. And lingua can extract the info to put it in msgctxt apparently, I didn't test it.

3.4 - November 3, 2014
Add support for the i18n:context attribute in ZPT templates. This is supported by Chameleon 2.17 and later to set the translation context.

i18ndude doesn't have the support of the i18n:context attribute AFAIK.

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Thanks! All documented too :blush:


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