Plone Foundation Launches Governance Initiative

Last month the Plone Foundation Board of Directors announced a new initiative to review and refresh the Plone community ‘s governance. Two concrete actions are being taken, with more to follow based on the resulting discussions.

  1. Every two months beginning in September, a series of Steering Circle meetings will be held to discuss the issues and plot a way forward. Representatives from all Plone teams are being invited to the Steering Circle meetings. People who are not affiliated with a team may request an invitation from the Board.
  2. Beginning at the November Plone Conference, the Board will set up a series of open discussions about the organizational structure of all our projects (Plone, Zope, Guillotina, Volto, REST API, etc.) All community members will be welcome to attend and virtual participation will be possible.

This initiative is described in more detail in the Board‘s statement on the Plone governance process. Thanks to the Board for proposing this and we all look forward to a series of fruitful discussions!


My completely unsolicited feedback on this.
Good idea but I found it weird that the words UX and UI are not mentioned.
It's great there is acknowledgement of the history and issues in the past but it misses IMO the biggest thing that was lost in the transition from Limis leadership to what came after, that Limi was a UX guy who had a UX vision on a product that is all about providing a UI for non-technical people do do stuff.
In what came after there was no structure or way to guide UX decisions that had any influence (because UX people can't "do" in a do-ocracy.). There still doesn't seem to be a plan in this new policy to acknowledge or address this.

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