Plone Foundation Board Minutes January 20, 2022

Plone Foundation Board Minutes January 20, 2022

Meeting called to order at 20:04 UTC UTC



Present: Érico Andrei, William Fennie, Victor Férnandez de Alba, Jens Klein, Andy Leeb, Kim Paulissen, Paul Roeland

Absent: Andy Leeb, excused

Approval of the minutes of January 6, 2022

William moved the minutes be accepted; Kim seconded

Unanimously Approved

Action Items

  • The Marketing budget is complete. The marketing budget will include support of non-sprint activites.
  • A news item about the Plone Foundation priorities for 2022 needs to be written (william)

Incoming Correspondence

  • Question about sponsorship
  • AWS Invoice
    • Needs less than $1.00 payment for something
    • This relates to a Known Good Set (Plone 3) on AWS that nobody can access; it can be ignored.
    • Or perhaps Erico can get credentials back ?
  • Should the board acquire the domain
    • Let it expire; times have changed
    • Jens Klein raised the question of the and domains
    • Plone Foundation would like to assume responsibility for those domains
      • Ownership at the foundation and access granted to whomever
      • The AI team has a role to play

New Business

  • GSOC
    • Eric Bréhault will manage the process
    • Coming week need to suggest a move to concrete proposals (3-5)
    • not super formal but detailed in terms of who, what, etc.
    • mid-February-ish
    • Feb. 7 open for forms submission - Paul has details and will manage it
    • Mid-Feb need to have a page somewhere
    • On the website or a Google doc
    • Stronger proposals come when sensible ideas are identified
    • 18-years or older, but not required to be a university student
  • Two actions items
    GSoC news item
    Fill form by Feb. 7

The board thanks Eric Bréhault for volunteering

Continued Business

  • Priorities
  • News item - after this is written, post to:
  • [Executive Session]
  • Budget
  • [Executive Session]
  • Marketing team worked on budget
    • Best estimate because of COVID restrictions
    • Foundation is not organizing Plone conference this year
    • Plone store - expecting small income for the year, on the order of US$400
    • Advertising
      • Perhaps a bit high ? - that not used will be used elsewhere
      • Looking for companies that know how to do it
      • Marketing is looking for support from Red Turtle or others
      • Need to find someone who can manage ad placements
    • Sprints
      • Jens or Victor write about the sprint designations:
      • Mega, large, small, community
        • Community sprints aren't really happening
        • Mega, large, small are more productive
        • Update by cutting down on number of community sprints (hasn't caught on)
        • Community sprints a possible asset in Brasil - qualifies as small sprint
        • Sprint budget for this year is best case scenario.
        • William moved to accept the budget; Kim seconded; motion carried.
    • World Plone Day
      • Need institutional content from the Plone Foundation
      • Can use video to introduce the Foundation
      • Avoid last year's situation of few people doing many things
      • Make something edible / drinkable with the Plone logo

Review Ongoing

  • Ongoing
  • There has been a flurry of activity on Plone Docs
    • Steve very active; also Katja
    • Soon we should have something presentable
    • Represents genuine forward motion
    • Lots of discussion to integrate current Volto docs
    • Hosting - If don't get open source discount we should move to our own servers.
      • Working well so don't stop the movement
    • Steve - placement of dev documentation for the Volto site ?
      • Value to having documentation side-by-side with the code
        • otherwise docs get lost
        • Docs need to live in one place, otherwise people won't find them
    • - sprint
      • content
      • organization
      • Victor mini-sprint with Philip on Blocks conversion tool
      • fixing things in RestAPI / Plone-volto
      • Plone 6 Alpha 3 will release with Plone Volto
      • Plone 6 classic - lots of fixes, losing requireJS dependencies
      • hope it's ready for Alpha 3

Paul moved that the meeting be adjourned; Victor seconded; motion unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 21:00 UTC