Plone demo sites updated

We used the last server move of the plone demo sites to renew most of the technical parts. Here is a brief summery what has been done:

  • now https only
  • Reset and update are moved into an Ansible project
  • REST-API activated

Furthermore we have added a Plone 6 demo site.

Links to all demo sites: (Plone 5.2.2 & Python 3.8.3) (Plone 5.2.3.dev0 & Python 3.8.3) (Plone 6.0a1.dev0 Python 3.8.3) (Plone 5.2.3.dev0 & Python 2.7.17)

The generic Ansible role to maintain a Plone site has not yet been pushed to github. We (starzel) have decided to do some more polishing. This role will help you if you only need to maintain (no server setup, no competition with ansible.plone_server) based on the starzel.buildout. We have already started using it on some of your production sites.

The code of all demo sites lives on Github. Bugs or improvments can be reported as issue.


Could we use to be a landing page that includes links to all these, or maybe mention them on the default page?

I was looking for the Volto / Plone 6 demo page and had to use a search engine to find it :slight_smile: It is at It should be included in the list of links too.