Plone Demo Site

Hi, how do I add content on Plone 5, I was given a demo site. I can't find a way to add new folders etc. I'm blind. I use a screen reader and the keyboard.

I can not help you with your question, but the 'Norwegian Organization for the blind' uses Plone.
Maybe you can get some help from them?

They have this email (I think):

I did email there site isn't in English.

It is in Norwegian which we speak in Norway, but almost everybody understand English (here)

Hi Nicole,

could you provide us with the Plone version you are using and/or the URL of the demo site and the steps to reproduce the problem? Here is what I just did:

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Log in now" buttton
  3. Click "Log in as manager" button
  4. Click "Add new item" button with the title tag "Add new items inside this item" (this might actually a but, the title tag of the button should say "Add new item"
  5. Click the link with the "Page" content
  6. Fill out the form and click the "Submit" button

It could be that we might miss some labels in the toolbar. Maybe @polyester can help here, since he is more familiar with a11y stuff.

We are currently developing Plone 6 and we put some effort into the accessibility of the new frontend. If you wouldn't mind I would love to hear your feedback on how adding content works for you on Plone 6. You can find a demo site here:

Click on the login button and then enter the username "admin" and the password "admin" into the login form. Then click the "Add" button, then the "Page" button.

Maybe aria-labels with "Add content" and "Add page" would be more suitable here?

If you have any recommendations on how to improve Plone 6 for blind users I would be more than happy to include your feedback into the next release.


Hi, how do I get notified when there are new versions of Plone to test
for accessibility? My thoughts are more links than buttons, everything
labeled including images,more text than images.

New Plone releases are usually announced on or visible on this page:

Though, Volto is kind of special in that regards since we have very frequent releases and Volto will become Plone 6 at some point. You can check for new Volto releases here:

If you are interested in working on/with Volto, feel free to contact me directly ( or post in this forum. We would love to hear your feedback and work with you to improve Volto for blind people.