Plone Conference

Hello! I was wondering how different it is to go to the Plone Conference online, VS actually being present! Would it be better and would I learn more if I was there? Thank you!!

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After a couple years of meeting virtually due to the pandemic, this year's Plone Conference will be a return to offering an in-person conference. I am not certain if the conference organizers are providing a hybrid option to attend virtually, but in the past the talks have always been recorded and available to watch later (often with some delay).

The experience of attending the conference talks is similar whether you are attending online or in person. But you would miss out on some other parts of the conference: the chance to ask questions in real time during the trainings, the chance to meet other attendees in the hallway and discuss how they are using Plone, and the chance to join the sprint and learn by working on Plone along with other members of the community.


Going to the Plone conference (or to any other Plone events, like sprints) is definitely a fantastic way to learn.
Plone people are very welcoming and they are always keen on sharing their knowledge, discussing their projects or ideas.
In my case, meeting the Plone community has been a life changer!


Plone is first the community and then a product. So, yes, from my experience it is a huge difference.

Online you only get the basic information from the talk, similar to watching YT. You would miss all the discussions happening with the community between talks, while lunch/dinner and so on.

Also, before conference (before the talks) there are the trainings which are really valuable. Learning together in a room makes a huge difference.

After the conference there are 2 days of sprints where everybody from beginner to wizard codes together. Do never miss the sprints, its an experience on its own.


You would definitely learn more, and it would be a lot more interesting and rewarding to attend in person! And I say this even though I helped run the online conference the last two years…

The people I have met in the Plone community have been so wonderfully open and helpful and welcoming. You run into people and chat in ways you would never be able to in a purely online event even though we tried to re-create those kinds of opportunities for the 2020 and 2021 LoudSwarm events.

This year we will be live streaming the talks, and we will have a way for remote participants to ask questions and chat in a Discord channel. The talk recordings will be posted to YouTube after a hopefully short delay.

This year, the event will be focused on the in person attendees.

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