Plone Conference 2023 Call for Trainings!

In the previos conferences we had a lot of quality trainings covering topics like Volto, Plone development, deployment, migrations...

Of course, we still welcome new ideas and especially more trainings!

Let us know if you would like to

  • give a training,
  • help give a training or
  • have an idea for a training that you feel is missing

All contributions to the training or documentation are very welcome, more information on contributing to the training and documentation (Plone 6) can be found at:

Contributing to Plone Trainings Documentation

Submit your proposal

Hope to see you all at the conference!

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@pbauer @ksuess @MrTango @santonelli @ericof @jensens @iFlameing @jackahl @spereverde @thet @sneridagh @fredvd you gave great training for 2022 so would you be willing to again this year?

We would love to hear other Plone training ideas... they could be any of the material in but if you have new material you'd like to present, please let us know!

FYI, trainers get their housing included as a token of appreciation for the time required to write, update, and deliver the material

I could do i classic UI theming training again, if there is interest.


I'm sure there is. Thanks @MrTango!

I know that some people at iMio would be interested.

I will continue with my React Volto training similar to last year.

I already applied by google form which is present on the Plone conference website.

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The draft training schedule is up at 2023 Conference Training .... if your name is not listed there but you would like to give the training, please let me know! This is based on last year's schedule.

@ksuess can I list you as the instructor for Mastering Plone? Will there be a co-instructor?

@MrTango you're listed for the classic UI training.

Who will give the Use, Integrate and develop Patterns for Plone 6 Classic?

I hear that @sneridagh and @tiberiuichim are contemplating giving a possibly more advanced Volto training, but if Effective Plone 6 Volto remains on the schedule who will give it?

For 2023 we have this new training: Plone 6 Volto Customization for JavaScript Beginners

Katja confirmed she is giving the Mastering Plone class. Thanks @ksuess !!!

Just to clarify, we're trying to figure out, of either Effective Volto or Volto Addons, which is more better suited for the community right now so that we can update it and freshen it up. We don't plan any major new development.


I'd prefer to have Effective Volto again

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