Plone Conference 2022 keynotes, talks and schedule published

Plone Conference 2022 keynotes, talks and schedule

Plone conference 2022 keynotes and talks are publsihed and can be found at:

The full schedule is here: Schedule


Three varying topics, from presenting the newest version of Plone to building and maintaining thriving open-source community, and to the impact of information technology to the sustainability and ecology.

  • The state of Plone Community - Érico Andrei delves into the aspects of Plone's valuable core: the people
    State of the Plone Community
  • The state of Plone - Plone release managers present Plone 6, the latest and greatest version of the software and talk about the technology around it
    State of Plone
  • No ICT without mineral extraction - Yohan Jans and Olivier Vergheyst will talk about the geological, sosiological and ecological mpact of ICT in and how to achieve sustainable IT
    No ICT without mineral extraction


There will be four tracks of talks in the conference and over 60 talks!

  • Track 1 and Track 2: Talks in English
  • Track 3: Talks in French
  • Track 4 open spaces for any discussions with other participants

Come and hear about:

And so many more!


Speakers come from all cornes of the world and include all types of talent from developer, integrators, devops-experts and users to project managers and marketing people.

Join Plone Conference 2022

Plone Conference 2022 takes place in the beautiful city of Namur in the heart of Belgium, on October 10-16.

Read about the venue and get your tickets, you are warmly welcome!

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