Plone Conference 2021 - Schedule, Trainings and Participation Info

Here is information summary about how to participate Plone Conference 2021 Online.

Schedule available

  • Training will happen over the weekend - October 23 & 24
  • 4 days of keynotes and talks + 1 day of open spaces - October 25 - 29
  • Sprint - October 30 & 31

All information can be found at:

Check the full schedule at Schedule with precise starting times (CET).

Training - remember to register

Two days of training is included in the ticket price. Learn about topics like:

  • Mastering Plone 6
  • Volto and Plone Deployments
  • Plone 6 Classic UI Theming
  • Getting started with your Plone 6 site
  • Guillotina React
  • And more!

All training info can be found at Training

Important! Remember to register to trainings using registration form.
(Just make sure you have a ticket first).


We will have three amazing keynotes:

Check the schedule at Schedule

Talks and speakers

There will be over 40 professional talks from speakers all over the world - topics ranging from Plone 6 and Volto to theming, migrations, case studies and documentation. There are talks about Guillotina, React, Python, Accessibility, Open Source, Community, UX, Frontend and Backend development, and many more.

All talks will be streamed live and will be available as recordings immediately after. Participants will be able to discuss with the speakers after every presentation.

Get your tickets

Only 100$ per ticket, and only 25$ for people from developing countries

How to participate

This year’s conference will be entirely online, through the LoudSwarm virtual platform, the same as in the 2020 conference.

Each registered person will soon get an email about how to access the system. Rest assured, it will be very easy, and the level of interaction will be high! This is a community event, with lots of discussion and friendly emojis :slight_smile:

Join the Slack

The Plone Conference Slack Workspace is where all information about the event will be shared. This is also where you will be able to chat with speakers, attendees, and organizers. If you haven't already, join the Plone Slack now and navigate to channel #conf2021_hallway.

If you have a question during the event, please visit the #conf2021_help_desk channel and our team will be available to assist.

More info


Contact the organizers at


Will videos of the trainings be available on demand to ticket holders? I am once again finding myself wanting to check out multiple of these trainings...

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Yes, all presentations will be available for ticket holders immediately after each presentation, so you can watch all of them if you like :blush:

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