Plone Conference 2016 talks schedule

We have published our talks schedule:

We look forward to seeing you... in less than two weeks!

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Great, thanks! May you add room and date/time of a talk to its detail view?

That would be denormalization! :grin:

...let's see if we have time ... lots to do still

It's late but we finally got that done :slight_smile: You can see the date, time, and location of each talk and click on the link to its place on the day schedule.

Then we added links and embed codes for the slides and video recording.

Could have done some smarter defaults for the embed codes if we assume SlideShare and YouTube. Similarly could have made the link to the day schedule automatic since we know the day of the talk. But maybe we'll get that feature in for Barcelona!

Would also be nice to display the speaker bio or at least the photo right there in the presentation object.