Plone Conf 2017 videos

Hey there,

Some of us bottom-of-the-world / really-far-away-from-Barcelona dwellers (I mean Kiwis!) were wondering if there happened to be videos of this years Plone Conference in existence, and if so whether they'll be making an appearance online at some point...

As much as we would love to have been there it's a really long way but it would be great to check out the talks as per previous years if there are recordings of them!



We are still waiting for them from the video company.

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A little birdy tells me they're uploading now to YouTube. Once we've gotten them all set up there we will link to them from the conference site (each of the talks) and we will post the channel URL.


That's great news...
Thanks for the prompt response!


Thanks for the link. It's just so sad that the quality is, ahem, not the best. Room 3 the audio is always distorted, room 1 sounds like they did not take the audio from the mic directly. The slides are sometimes very blurry. :disappointed: