Plone Community for India

Is there a plone community for India. Please Include me into it. Else let us start one.

Why there is a need to create a separate community for India? This community is always accessible for anyone so IMHO its better we have a single community and discuss things at one place. Yeah if you want to do some work shop or some training for Plone in India then also you can discuss thing here only.

the use of plone in India is next to 0. Unless we atleast start doing things together as a community it will not improve. the idea is to collaborate for development of plone Usage in India.

We have a Plone Foundation ambassador, KK Dhanesh, who has been very active in promoting Plone. I realize India is very large :slightly_smiling:

You could use this here: as a starting point, and if you would like we could support you by creating a folder in Other countries have their own web sites.

See and

@tkimnguyen When I started plone in 2014, I visited and through one of the pages tried to ping. but i think the older site was too dysfunctional.
India is a very important country. too many potential use cases for plone and a very important market for the future. I dont think even 0.01% of the people (professionals) in the Information technology sector know about plone. I am sure not a single decision maker in this country knows about plone.

my post actually follows a chat I had several months ago with @cewing and he mentioned that about the future of plone in India. Of course, I am only a plone enthusiast and my information is restricted to the searches on the internet.
Many thinks in India are just starting and we can place plone here. In the government sector, just as Plone is doing well in Brazil, we could have a good impact. The government sector is currently involved with microsoft technologies (guess)

Not sure what you mean.

We are replacing with a newly redesigned and cleaned up site.

Well, you have some suggestions on how to develop a Plone community for India. It's up to you now. :slight_smile: Thank you for your enthusiasm!

I tried to contact the India Ambassador through the site. There was some link, I dont remember.

You mean ?

Please try it again and if you can't reach Dhanesh let me know and I will forward your message to him. I've emailed him to let him know about this thread. @kkdhanesh :slight_smile:

I am not sure you contacted me in the recent past, sorry if I am wrong. I do volunteer to promote Plone. Nice to hear from you and hope we can meet up and discuss it further. National Resource Centre for Free / Open Source Software (NRCFOSS) functioning at CDAC Chennai is really a great place where you can look for.

We are using Plone CMS and Open source software as much we can being a government R& D organization in the country. Also we conduct training courses on open source software and Plone CMS from time to time.

For the promotion and contribution of Plone, Plone community is the right place to do such activities. Also any ideas for the promotion of Plone in India most welcome, hope we can work together in the near future.

Thank you Kim for letting me the query from a plone supporter. Prakar keep in touch. :relaxed:

Yeah sure :slight_smile: