Plone communications/marketing team reboot

We are attempting to reboot / kickstart the Plone communications & marketing team.

Anyone interested in helping with Plone communications and marketing please let me know here or privately with your email address.


We are looking for people willing to take on a task or two, even if on occasion only, so it doesn't have to be onerous :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!

Hi Kim - count me in !


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Hi Kim
I've been on the distribution list in the past, but generally overwhelmed otherwise.
However, I'm happy to try to squeeze in a task when it may be helpful.
I guess I had intended to try to make the regular meetings now and then, but lost the thread somewhere...


Thanks Peter - we are currently trying to push through the backlog of submitted success stories on If you're able to help review/edit one story over the next 2 weeks please let me know and @cdw9 can assign one to you.

We are also looking for help updating the Wikipedia article on Plone.

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Here is the SiteImprove report for showing broken links and misspellings. I realize most folks don't have edit access to except in specific sections but if you have the time and are willing to help fix some of these please let me know:

I'd be happy to review and edit a story, and happy to check up on the Wikipedia article.
Is there a protocol in place for reviewers and fact checkers?

Yikes! That's a lot of broken links! And typos!
Seems like a well thought out script could find and correct most of the typos with the list provided!

Yes, a few weeks ago I noticed a lot of broken links related to one issue that was not difficult to fix (don't recall the details now). That would certainly give us the biggest bang for our buck. Maybe no script is necessary: just a heads up that "such and such a thing, if fixed, will clear out 48 broken links" for example.

Typos are often reported because SiteImprove uses American spelling... those "errors" are completely safe to ignore.

This wiki entry badly needs updating:

It was last updated in 2005.

Please let me know if you have a few moments to update it.

Ah hmm, a wee bit stale, no?
Is there some more appropriate boilerplate from that could be dropped in here and massaged a bit to make it wiki-ish?

Sure, you can take bits and pieces from and but they'll need to be massaged.