Plone Communications and Marketing Team Meeting 2022-01-06

January 6th 2022

Attending: Èrico, Norbert, William, Rikupekka


  • How is everybody?
  • About 2022, the big things
  • sprint
  • WPD
  • News and events
  • Other issues

2022, the big picture

  • Main goals for Plone marketing?
    • Plone 6
    • World Plone Day
    • Plone Conference
    • Improve video content
  • Marketing and communications team goals/improvement ideas?
    • New people to marketing? Design and visual eye appreciated. Ask around
    • Set up the marketing budget for 2022
    • Marketing team deciding sponsoring objects and following up
      • For example 2021 python week
    • Google marketing, use it
    • Identifying the correct markets/audiences, Plone strengths, special selling points, renewal sprint January 15th 2021

News and events

WPD 2022, April 27th.

  • Need to start planning
    • Thu 13th Jan 17.30 CET
  • How to make sure WPD planning progresses? What can we do
  • Fully online. Maybe local meetups if covid allows

Other issues

Plone Foundation Code of Conduct