Plone Communications and Marketing Team Meeting 2021-7-22

July 22nd, 2021

Attending: Rikupekka, Érico, William, Norbert, Sally


  • Plog 2021
  • News and events
  • Other issues and docs theming

  • Separate document to coordinate this
  • Kim P’s presentation about [Plone-layout]

PLOG 2021

  • Look at the latest email discussion
    • Topics, community consensus on plone 6
    • Covid situation unclear, worsening now
  • Everybody wants to go there
  • About the latest situation:
    • Hotel situation, still unclear
    • Date: suggesting the week preceding the conference 15-22 October
    • No training there?
    • Focus: Plone 6, other ideas?
      • Something marketable for bosses - something for them to send developers to there, a real agenda
      • Micro sprints use
      • Finalizing Plone 6
  • Sally will contact people about Plog ideas. renewal

  • Ready to roll out changes (batch 2) to
    • Second update is missing from (it fixes mobile styles). Something changed TTW, let's ask to push changes to GitHub and merge.
      • Norbert could also host a test/staging site, but needs content. -> Ask Fulv and Erico and Kim

News and events

  • Videos are available -> 60 days of tweets of presentation plonecms twitter
    • Still need to continue scheduling tweets
  • News item about moving plone-related chat from Gitter to Discord?
    • Ask Kim of more details then draft
  • Plone 6 news item and Plone 6 info page
    • Finalize and publish now its clear.
  • improvements news item and about minisprints
    • Draft done, now publish
  • Any events, sprints this summer -> fall?
    • News item about upcoming autumn events and ongoing sprints, draft next.
  • Anything about the merchandise shop?
    • Will continue soon
  • Check the in-progress news items
  • About the sponsorship news item:
    • Still pending, in progress
  • News and event about Plone Conference 2021 (Online. LoudSwarm Dates, 23.10-31.10.2021.)
  • Plog - in discussion
    • Create an event as soon as there’s info

Other issues

  • Next minisprint? End of august 28th-29th. 15CET or 16 CET,

Next meeting August 5th 2021

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