Plone Communications and Marketing Team Meeting 2021-11-25

November 25th 2021

Attending: Érico, Norbert, William, Rikupekka


  • How is everybody
  • Plone Conference 2021
  • discussion
  • WPD
  • News and events
  • Plone Store
  • Other issues

Plone Conference 2021 evaluation

  • What to improve next time? The survey
    • Should we send a survey to folks? Yes
      • Finalize and post to list
  • Videos are available. Need to coordinate YouTube uploads, when to publish
    • Board discussion today
    • Some trimming of the videos, uploading and publishing. We have a guide. Give permissions to Plone YT channel.
    • Nice to have: Make images consistent. Conference template with the current logo + upload screen from the video
  • Conference site
    • Add views for presentations and video links
      • Érico and Victor will work on the template
    • Update presentations and video links
    • -> After the videos are publicly online at YT.
  • Tweets and marketing
    • Plone conference recap news item, soon out
    • Facebook and instagram posts -> about the fanzone
      • Needs to be visual -> We can use pictures from fanzone 2021
      • Flickr pictures from fanzone sprint, worth a Tweet and news item. Paul could help write it -> yes. Looking for sprint recap
    • Sponsors - a certain amount of tweets for every one
      • Partly done: platinum and gold.
      • Look and update the spreadsheet
        • Needs silver level too renewal

News and events

  • New Plone Board
  • Plone conference recap:
  • Plone 20 years - still looking for a cake
  • Accessibility news item: we 4 authors.
  • Plone in Brazil - based on the event
  • News item about the membership committee and why to apply to foundation

Plone Store

WPD 2022

  • Need to start planning
    • At least: Romania, Brazil, India, Germany, Finland.
    • Africa, Caribbean, China?
  • How to make sure WPD planning progresses? What can we do
    • Steering circle meeting, ask for more people to commit
    • Biweekly meetings next year to organize

Other issues

  • Plone Edu initiative discussion
  • Have a Membership committee discussion -> encourage more people to apply as a member of Plone Foundation -> tell people what it is and what you get from it. To vote and bring topics to the foundation. Recognition of your work. You’ll have a say in the future of PF. Other people see and are encouraged. Not a club for developers only.
    • Same kind of news item as for the board.
  • New style guide with the correct color of Plone logo
  • Next meeting: December 9th, 2021
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I volunteer to update the conf site with links to the YT videos :slight_smile:

Also, count on me for the Dec. 4 sprint... party like it's 2016! :partying_face:


Great, and great! See you around :blush:

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