Plone Communications and Marketing Team Meeting 2020-12-17

Attending: Rikupekka, Erico


  • About the conference
    • Marketing tasks after the conference
  • Marketing open space
  • News and events
  • Agreeing on the next interval of meetings
  • Other issues


  • Your feelings about the conference
    It was amazing :slight_smile:

  • Marketing tasks after the conference

    • Update conference website
      • Group image
    • Sponsor tweets
    • Tweets when videos are published
    • Tweets on conference news items
    • frontpage: group image also conf frontpage
    • Community post about the conference
    • Market next year’s conference already put it into the calendar
      • tweets every week all year, including images

Marketing team open space

  • Topic 2: renewal
    • State the fact that should need some love
    • About having two sites vs. one
    • Short term: Minor tweaks to theme and content, as discussed earlier
    • Long term (2021): have the site renewed more thoroughly.
    • Organize sprints on the renewal, need volunteers
  • Open space document:
  • Branding ideas discussed
  • When and how to work on renewal?
    • Sprints, marketing team meetings
  • Idea update with every new version of Plone
    • Next needs to be Volto?
    • Group of people that consider it as a project and take time to do it
    • Some kind of “sponsor thank you” for people who take the time of company hours
  • First
    • Migrate to 5.2 and Python 3. Authentication might be hard. But doable.
  • Then
    • Need a design (spring) - idea: use (mostly) vanilla Volto? --> Practice what you preach. Go back to roots. Accessible. Clean. No need to design anything special.
    • Update to Volto (mosaic, form folders (9) are a problem, other archetypes) (summer)
  • needs to have the latest Plone/Volto version all the time.
  • Market also existing Plone features, which still are very powerful.

News and events

Next meetings in 2021

  • 2-week interval
    • January 21st is the first one in 2021
  • sprint(s)
    • Mid February

I volunteer to work on authentication as I did already in Bukarest for the current


I volunteer to sprint again at Penn State :slight_smile: ... great memories of that 2016 gathering @sally @sneridagh @polyester @robzonenet @esteele @Fosten

Awesome! We'll organize sprint(s) next year. Let's make it happen :slight_smile: