Plone communications and marketing team meeting 2020-07-09

Attending: Rikupekka, Sally, William, Fulvio, Norbert

News and social media

  • List of news items on the pipeline discussed, lots of good topics for news items. Continue on working on those
  • Plone social media channels access distributed
  • Agreed to remind about Hustle and Bustle - encourage people to tell about their Plone-related stuff
  • One successfull (if hard) Python 3 migration done on a customer site

To dos completed:

Issues discussed:

  • rebuild (currently served as a static site), ideally using Volto
    • Schedule a longer meeting about this. First marketing team, then call for a wider group - next meeting solely on this topic.
  • improvement ideas listed, also worked on some of those

Next meeting: July 23rd, 2020, focus on improvement

If you're interested in helping this team, please contact @rioksane


Thank you for all the great work and activity!

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