Plone communications and marketing team meeting 2020-06-25

Attending: Rikupekka, Sally, William, Erico, Fulvio

Interesting releases:


  • News items for the upcoming weeks listed and distributed

To dos completed:

Issues discussed:

  • rebuild (currently served as a static site), ideally using Volto
    • Schedule a longer meeting about this. First marketing team, then call for a wider group
  • Volto info page on Just a short page at first, for now there is nothing.
    • Continue discussion/work with the other marketing task group
  • improvement ideas listed, also volunteer found to work on some of those
  • IFTTT content rules not working? RSS-feed works. Heads up.

Next meeting: July 9th, 2020

If you're interested in helping this team, please contact @rioksane

:slight_smile: what are these grievances?

Wrong choice of a word, to begin with :sweat_smile: More like improvement ideas, mostly minor (like font issues, titles, structure, old content etc.). I can share a link to the doc for you.