Plone barceloneta locally run

How to run plone barceloneta locally on windows wsl

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Sir i have done that but after that what i do i cannot make changes and run in on my vscode

Assuming you have a locally running Plone instance and the barceloneta resources are checked out with git, go the checked out plonetheme.barceloneta resources and follow the instructions here plonetheme.barceloneta/HOWTO_DEVELOP.rst at master ยท plone/plonetheme.barceloneta ยท GitHub

$ npm install
$ npm run watch

now every change in the directory scss is watched and compiled.

before submitting a PR for barceloneta make sure you run

$ npm run build

What kinds of changes?

What do you do? Include commands and links to documentation you followed.

What do you expect to happen?

What do you observe? Include error messages.

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Firstly i install plone 6 from its packages from this site--Install Plone from its packages โ€“ Install โ€” Plone Documentation v6.0

Secondly : after install of plone 6 it run frontend and backend so on opening the plone 6 website folder using vscode it shows different folders and stuff as from the plone Barceloneta repository

So i am asking you that how i run plone barceloneta repository locally using vscode so that i can see the changes in my locally hosted website with change in code of barceloneta code using my vscode
With this i can solve the issue which i was assigned to do in barceloneta repository..

This depends on what you want to do.

Do you want to contribute to the Barceloneta theme or make minor changes to the Barceloneta theme for just your own project, or create a custom theme based on Barceloneta (also 3. Create a theme based on Barceloneta โ€“ Plone 6 Classic UI Theming โ€” Plone Training 2023 documentation)? Please clarify.

No issues in plonetheme.barceloneta are assigned to anyone at this time. In open source software, issues are rarely assigned, and in Plone we never assign them (see item 1). A member of the Plone Developer Team may self-assign an issue.

I just wanted to contribute the Barceloneta repository issue so that issue can be solved


Barceloneta is the backend theme, so you've to go to the backend web address. You can checkout plonetheme.barceloneta in the src directory of the backend part. There, you've requirements-mxdev.txt, just add:
-e src/plonetheme.barceloneta

In instance.yaml, add plonetheme.barceloneta to package_includes. Run make build-dev and your backend instance should use plonetheme.barceloneta from your src directory. Then follow Plone barceloneta locally run - #4 by petschki

Another option is to install a dev instance of Plone, thus following this guide: and starting working from