with demo?

Is there some code/add-on showing the usage of (apart from Mosaic) within Plone 5 as described here



Starting from that example, i'm writing an easier (in the functionalities) tiles manager than mosaic.

Basically i use p.a.tiles helper views to manage/add tiles in the context and some js/mockup to improve usability:

This could be a simple example to see p.a.tiles usage (btw it's already in some production sites, but i'm rewriting it as a mockup pattern, so it's still a work in progress)

Is there some additional example code using this new manager?
I click on "Add new tile"...nothing is happening..likely because there is no tile configured?


yes, of course you need some tiles in your site.

Basically you can have a some set of them using (i haven't checked all of them, but "existing content tile" works fine), or some other available tiles on pypi/github (other quick examples:,