, use the root of the site as the main language, keeping /<lang> for the other languages


I would like to have a multilingual site like this:

/ main language
/en english

both are already existing objects.

I've enable multilingual support for Plone Site but I'm unable to select it when I want to select it as the translation in the main language of /en.

My strategy is to use the /<lang> content language negotiatior, so it pics up english when in /en and have the main language site set to the main language, so everything outside /en should be recognized as content in main language (set in the control panel).

If not selectable by the RelationWidget, can I set it by force? It is in the /connect_translation form. The UID is not set in the html, and I can't find a way to connect / to /en as translations of themselfs.

with a breakpoint() I've been able to set it. It seems to work using just the element language as language negotiator. Also translating a page works if the parents are connected as mutual translations. I'll do more testing.