and relations

We have a project where we have several relations to other content (custom behavior, some fields very similar to related items). So this is not in TinyMCE as links (content).

So I would like to make aware of this relations and if one deletes content references somewhere it should warn.

Is there already a solution around for this? Any hints what to do in order to implement it?

are you talking about Plone 5? IIRC, you refactored link integrity to be a UI feature.

A few days ago Fred fixed the 1.5.x branch to not require plone.directives (grok) for dexterity support, so I wonder if that might affect you:

But what you probably need to do, is change the event handlers to not only look for the isReferencing relationship, but also for others:

@mauritsvanrees thanks for the pointer!

This PR addresses this issue: