Plone Admin and Infrastructure Team Meeting 2021-04-14

2021-04-14 @ 18:00 UTC


  • Érico Andrei
  • Fulvio Casali
  • Kim Nguyen
  • Paul Roeland
  • Sven Strack
  • Fred van Dijk


  • Password Management

    • LastPass is cancelled
    • Migration to 1Password is complete
  • Domains

    • Renewed (Thanks T. Kim Nguyen)
  • is barely alive:

    • Container for Planet software crashes frequently. Monitoring in place to restart if needed.
      • Last issye was with Nginx container and SSL certificate.
      • Fixed by shutting off the nginx container and using Ansible to install nginx. Working now.
    • We need something sustainable.
    • Also, need CI from GitHub repo -> production server
  • Demo sites

    • (Volto)
      • Deployed / Maintained by Victor Fernandez de Alba
      • On same server with Plone 5 demo sites
    • Leverage use of * to support many versions
  • Moved to Foundation servers on 2021-04-14

    • Auto deploy works on new tags
  • Fulvio finished the move of to


Team structure / dedication / processes

  • Team structure: We need a new team leader
    • Tasks: Plan, cat herd
    • Fred van Dijk is the new leader :slight_smile: All hail the new Fred!
  • Dedication
    • Discuss possible sprints/other initiatives to make the team work better
  • Process
    • We still need to create the Project on Github and use it as a Kanban board to manage prioritization
  • Fulvio still the Ansible overlord


  • List of domains. Paul to take this back on.
  • Still need to consolidate domains onto for registration and Cloudflare as nameservers/cdn
    • By default, all domains should redirect to
  • Goal: understand how much we spend annually on domains, end of life some old historical domains

Move repositories branches master -> main

  • Developing internal tool to automate the move
    • Risks:
      • Jenkins, other automation, buildout-core-dev
  • Contact Zope and Guillotina people to see when they can do switch
    • Pylons wants to learn with our experience
  • Plan how to deal with the Collective
    • Many repositories, mostly unmaintained

Testing infrastructure

  • Fred to lead the effort to document and update Jenkins / Mr. Roboto

2FA is mandatory

  • GitHub
    • AI Team already have it in place
    • System/service accounts need to be updated
  • Docker
    • Now supports 2fa
    • Multiple accounts to deal with Plone, Volto, Guillotina need to be updated


  • We do have many sources

    • Internal repository documentation (with MkDocs)
    • Google Docs (Currently mostly for minutes)
    • (Communication with the broader Plone Community)
    • Other Github repos
  • Decision: Leverage Github solutions

    • Move internal minutes from Google Docs to GitHub wiki
    • Create ai-team repo for issues / planning / prioritization
    • (Communication to the rest of the community)

Next meeting

  • After World Plone Day, probably during the first week of May