Plone add-on for SAML integration

My version of Plone is 5.1.6 and I am currently using for LDAP integration. My agency is switching over SAML integration. Which Plone add-on would be best for my version of Plone? Any advice or help would be most appreciated.

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Angela, what type of provider is used for SAML? We're using metadata exchange with Shibboleth and the dm.zope.saml2 ยท PyPI add-on. I've been slow to actually test it because our SSO folks are currently MIA and I've got plenty of other projects.

Have a look at quintagroup's doc SAML2 Plone integration tutorial with Auth0 โ€” Quintagroup

Thanks so much @riker11451. I will give it a try!


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How is your SAML adventures going?

I've managed to get dm.zope.saml2 and friends installed and have been working with our Shibboleth admins. I've been able to share metadata correctly but seem to be having an issue with our login redirection and maybe xmlSec?

I think I have to figure out how the xmlSec machinery works to get it to verify the cert that's being passed. Has anyone else gotten this far?