Plone 6 volto confusing

I have a plone 5 site that success upgraded to plone 6 classic.

Can I serve the Plone 6 classic to volto? So I can use full volto one day?

If possible what should I do next?

And what will happen whenever their are "collection" , "folder"? "Easy form"?


Can I serve the Plone 6 classic to volto? So I can use full volto one day?

Yes to both.

The Collection content type has been replaced with the Listing block, so you have a lot more freedom in composing the listing page.

Pages are also containers.

EasyForm is not available, but you can use the collective/volto-form-block as a replacement.

I just install Volto and use web browser visit, and it returns

This page does not seem to exist…

I have already install plone 6 classic

What is the official way just install Volto?

There are many doc over the net have different method.

But I can't success

Look at cookiecutter-plone-starter and first get a fresh Plone 6 (with Volto) up and running to get an idea how all is supposed to work. More here Create a Project – Plone Deployment — Plone Training 2022 documentation
Next step is to wire in your project code and do the migration.

Thanks for your information and more clear now.

So if I just want to stay in the classic ui, do you think I stay with buildout is easier for maintenance?

It is possible. But I do not think it is easier. If you already have a process using buildout I would stick with it for now and save time to focus on more important tasks..