# Plone 6 Sprint (remote-only)

20.-24. April 2020 (the week PLOG was planned)



For Plone 6, we want to make the work with Plone’s classic UI simpler and fun again. The main idea is to make the templates compatible with bootstrap markup and reduce custom CSS in the Barceloneta theme. This will allow Plone developers to use any bootstrap template for Plone, nearly without any changes.

The default theme plonetheme.barceloneta will use the same bootstrap markup and styles, which will make it easier for developers to adjust it or to get inspired by how things are working.

There is also work in progress to modernize plone.app.mosaic with bootstrap flex-grid and flex-box-features.

Every experience level is welcome to join.
More topic's are welcome too.

The sprint will happen entirely remote, more details will follow soon.

Register on the Etherpad:


Since I am not that the UI programmer, I will work on getting Plone 5.2 on Zope 4.3 as well as Plone 6 on Zope 5. For both goal is to get zope.interface master (upcoming 5.0) in, with its incredible performance optimizations.


Looks like this is done, thanks to @mauritsvanrees for helping me getting this done!
the buildout.coredev is updated.
It uses the latest fresh released zope.interface 5.0.1 with a whole bunch of optimizations.


@djay would you join us in the organizing part?
As you have experience in organizing remote sprints.

@MrTango Thanks for remembering. Sure, but if meeting keep in mind my timezone is UTC+7.

@djay we're planning two daily standups at 9:00 CEST and 18:00 CEST starting on monday https://etherpad.inqbus.de/p/plone-6-sprint :wink:

The timezone is not likely to work well for me when mixed with busy work and child raising. Thats my 5pm-11pm.

But for what it's worth here are my opinions on what you should plan to do differently than whats currently in your etherpad.

  1. Use voice and PTT (push to talk, thing walkie talkies) rather than gitter. Have a single list of voice channels thats super quick to jump and out of. One working channel per team and one sidebar room when you need a longer side conversation
  • why
    • sprints are about getting to know people as much as work. bonding. chat doesn't let you do that nearly as well and its much slower about it. Continuous voice on the hand is too distracting. PTT works well in practice once you get used it.

    • what makes a sprint different from normal open source online collaboration is the frictionless conversations.

    • slack/gitter is really distracting and slows you down when you are in a flow.

    • you can have social channels and anyone can create more, see who is there and wander over and talk to them. better presence.

    • chat is asynchronous. It doesn't tell you when people are busy or in a meeting. It discourages you engaging others because you never know if they will reply or not or when.

    • for a much better writeup on why this works in practice read this excellent article - https://sketchtogether.com/blog/how-push-to-talk-solved-interruptibility-for-our-remote-team.html

  • how
    • use discord - https://discordapp.com/ or similar. Download the app and setup global hotkeys so you talk talk to someone in your team without having to take your eyes off the code. Much closer to simulating a team at the same desk. You can set work channel to be PTT only and sidebar channels to allow VAD (continuous talking)
  1. Always sharing everyones screen
  • why
    • if you have to setup a meeting to share it creates friction. If you have to ask if someone is having problems instead of looking over their shoulder it creates friction.
  • how
    • discords live share is perhaps not good enough since it only lets one person share at a time. Maybe jitsi per team for video only with the video channel put in the discord room description.
  1. some kind of pledge or commitment to certain hours that can tracked are reported on daily.
  • why
    • online makes it easy for someone to say they will join but not let their loved ones or work know and then their commitment tends to flag or they get distracted during the day. If a team plans to have 5 members and ends up with 2 this can be disheartening.
  • how
    • if using discord you can use voice channel time as a measure and statbots like https://github.com/johann-lr/discord-stats to track this.
    • perhaps backed up with a deposit you get back at the end, or the promise of a tshirt if you make your commitments. But maybe a leaderboard is good enough.
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@djay we successfully used Discord for the Plone 6 sprint and we would like to continue using it for the Beethoven Sprint next week. Though, as a preparation we used it with the kitconcept team for the last few days and we encountered bad audio quality and Discord freezing on our Macs.

I boosted our servers with Discord Nitro to improve the audio quality problem. Though, the freezing problem still persists and it seems to be a well known issue:

Any idea how we can solve this? Any recommendation what kind of boosting we should use for the sprint?

I really like the Discord voice channels and I think they can help a lot during a sprint. Though, if we can not do video calls properly we might need a plan B for next week.

I have been using discord for years and I also think it's a great tool, possibly the best around for sprints, because it has the possibility to go around the "tables" quickly and seamlessly and also having a decent chat system.

I haven't used it a lot on MacOS and afaik video-meets are a fairly new feature. Is that what is giving you trouble, or also regular audio-only channels? I wouldn't worry too much about video. I mean, personally I would accept the tradeoff of not using videos and stick with Discord, but that's just my opinion :slight_smile:

Audio quality wasn't great in the last days. So I boosted our server. Let's see how that goes. I guess we could use Zoom or Meet for video calls if needed...

They just added live screen sharing a videos in a last month or so, and they opened up the numbers of people on a server due to covid. It might be scaling problems. I think it should setting down. You can also change the where your server is which might make a difference.
The other thing is that its UDP which can make for some networking artifacts. Their audio quality debugger is pretty useful however. Gives you the statistics from the other end to help work out where the problem is.

@tisto https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/216600077-Voice-Debug-Central

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