# Plone 6 Sprint (remote-only)

20.-24. April 2020 (the week PLOG was planned)



For Plone 6, we want to make the work with Plone’s classic UI simpler and fun again. The main idea is to make the templates compatible with bootstrap markup and reduce custom CSS in the Barceloneta theme. This will allow Plone developers to use any bootstrap template for Plone, nearly without any changes.

The default theme plonetheme.barceloneta will use the same bootstrap markup and styles, which will make it easier for developers to adjust it or to get inspired by how things are working.

There is also work in progress to modernize plone.app.mosaic with bootstrap flex-grid and flex-box-features.

Every experience level is welcome to join.
More topic's are welcome too.

The sprint will happen entirely remote, more details will follow soon.

Register on the Etherpad:


Since I am not that the UI programmer, I will work on getting Plone 5.2 on Zope 4.3 as well as Plone 6 on Zope 5. For both goal is to get zope.interface master (upcoming 5.0) in, with its incredible performance optimizations.


Looks like this is done, thanks to @mauritsvanrees for helping me getting this done!
the buildout.coredev is updated.
It uses the latest fresh released zope.interface 5.0.1 with a whole bunch of optimizations.


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