Plone 6 Performance

On my website with Plone 6 and Volto, the page load takes much longer than before. Above all, it bothers me that the page without CSS and Javascript adjustments is displayed first and the designed page for the user only appears after 1 - 2 seconds. How can this be accelerated?


Thank you very much for the information. Of course, I can use this to improve the loading time. But is there also a way to reduce the loading time itself?

It depends on the underying problem. You have to benchmark each network request "type" separately, each needs to be addressed in a different way. Without seeing the website, there's too much uncertainty to provide a definitive answer.

One possible cause could be that you have many listing blocks on your homepage, there's a mechanism that forces the HTML generation to wait for all the network content to arrive before it's "finished". You can try to set this to null in the listing block configuration, to see if it makes a difference for your case:

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Maybe I’m suggesting the obvious, but what you describe seems to be Volto running in development mode. Here the frontend loads much slower and you see the flashes of unstyled content.

If you build and serve the volto frontend in production mode, this should not be an issue.

Check if your projects package.json has the yarn ‘build’ and ‘start:prod’ commands, which should be there if you use one of the default scaffolding tools for Volto/Plone6 projects. Normal ‘yarn start’ compiles and starts a dev server.

You are right. I followed this guide:

With "make start-frontend" the frontend is not started in production mode.

With "yarn build" and "yarn start:prod" the website is now much faster. However, my login no longer works and I can no longer read the articles I have already created.

Even with a new installation, I can no longer log in via "admin/admin".

Can you login in the plone backend?

Sorry for the late reply.

I can log into the backend and the communication between frontend and backend seems to work. Only the login in the frontend does not work anymore.