Plone 6 migration - creator field

When I upgrade any Plone site from 5 to 6 it adds my user name (defined in ZMI root, not Plone) to the list of creators for all content. This is very much not wanted. Is there a way to disable this? I can't find where in the upgrade process it is doing this, but it is definitely part of @@plone-upgrade and not the upgrade steps from a portal_setup profile.

No idea but updating the related field as a post migration operation is three lines of code.

Hmm. Dexterity content adds the current user as creator whenever the content is reindexed, but it should only happen if there is no creator yet: plone.dexterity/plone/dexterity/ at d3940e4ce2bfb5a4c1f0fdf2cee7446b7a70d7cc · plone/plone.dexterity · GitHub

Perhaps you could set a breakpoint or logging in the addCreator method and see if something is hitting it during the upgrade.

I encountered the same problem various times. So the observation is correct.

Thanks, I think I found the issue. No creators were added to my front page, contrary to what I thought, but changes in Plone 6 made me think this happened. The creators field stayed the same, but in 6 the byline was changed to include all of the creators. My special admin user was actually listed as a creator already in 5, I just didn't notice until 6.