Plone 6 Micro-Sprint, May 13th edition

We are having a Plone 6 Micro-Sprint next May 13th. Everyone is welcome!


  • Quanta toolbar adoption in Volto core
  • Slate Editor in Volto core
    • Slate editor is an add-on products for Volto and a replacement for the DraftJS default editor in Plone. We will start to take the first steps to include full Slate support in Volto core.

Sprint Docs

For more information:


And a short report:


@tiberiuichim, @ksuess, @sneridagh and @tisto

Sprint work

We've looked at the current status of the quanta toolbar, fixed several smaller bugs in the current Quanta toolbar implementation

We've started to work on the implementation of the pluggables-based "more" menu in the Quanta toolbar.

Then we've switched to volto-slate and looked at the current status of integration with Plone 6. Work done on integrating the existing Volto "add new link" plugin with volto-slate.

See you at the next sprint!

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