Plone 6 Coordination Meeting - 2022-07-07


  • Eric Steele - Release Management
  • Maurits van Rees - Release Management
  • Mikel Larreategi - Translations
  • Philip Bauer - Training
  • Steve Piercy - Documentation
  • Rikupekka Oksanen - Marketing


  • Training: No updates. Working on trainers for the conference.
  • I18n: Dutch and Italian translations for 6 are in progress. Mikel needs to look at documentation on translations, there are 2 PRs opened (Volto and Classic), need to check them.
  • Documentation
    • First draft of installation docs. Still needs some work.
    • What’s the next priority?
  • Marketing
    • Meeting today
    • Create news item about new alpha release
    • Decide when next sprint will happen
    • What should the principal focus for Plone 6 marketing be next?
  • Release
    • What’s holding up a beta release?
      • Classic is ready for beta
      • Volto is waiting for Slate editor, documentation, upgrade steps to Slate
    • Post to community about what beta means, what sorts of changes are valid

I created an issue to track this:

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I completed conversion of Plone 5.2 reStructuredText documentation to MyST. See `5.2-myst` branch of Plone Documentation now available to fill gaps in Plone 6 Documentation.

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