Plone 6 Coordination Meeting – 2022-06-09


  • Rikupekka Oksanen - Marketing
  • Steve Piercy - Documentation
  • Jens Klein - Installers
  • Eric Steele - Release Management
  • Victor Fernandez de Alba - Volto
  • Philip Bauer - Training
  • Maurits van Rees - Release Management
  • Timo Stollenwerk: Plone Rest API
  • Érico Andrei - Installers


  • Documentation
    • Emphasizing the installation story. HELP!
      • Lots of methods, need clarity and documentation
      • Resolved to have one preferred manual installation via pip, and other methods documented. Every installation method must provide a context or story for why this method should be used. For example, "I want to get started with Plone 6 quickly" or "I want to develop this specific package in Plone core".
      • Current state of Install from source for development
      • Katja has started work on this
      • Erico will document cookie cutter work
      • Install with Docker containers documentation is good: Containers – Install Plone 6 — Plone Documentation v6.0-dev
  • Trainings: we need to somehow show which trainings are still accurate, so that people do not unknowingly start a Plone 4 training that was last updated five years ago. Move old ones to an archive? Add metadata, or just a small section per training stating when this training was last updated or given, and for which Plone version it is meant. Remove the ‘5’ from the current url. We could delete the homepage of the training and just have the list, which does not have nice icons but at least has structure. Redirect the landing page to the index, as first step if that is easier? And we do not really need the ‘4’ version. Every training must put its requirements for Plone, Python, npm and other significant packages or pre-requisites on its index page. Finally indicate both in the primary navigation and the training index page when a training was last presented.
  • Upgrade guide needs a lot of work. Upgrading to Plone 6 docs:
  • Dedicate conference sprint to updating add-ons to Plone 6 – both for classic and volto.
  • Marketing:
  • Classic/backend: pre-scale of plone.scale/namedfile has been merged, a bit more work now can be done based on that: picture variants and image information in the portal_catalog. Both are almost ready. So we are close to a beta.

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