Plone 6 Coordination Meeting – 2022-06-02


  • Maurits van Rees - Release Management
  • Philip Bauer - Training
  • Paul Roeland - Accessibility
  • Katja Süss - Documentation
  • Timo Stollenwerk: Plone Rest API
  • Rikupekka Oksanen - Marketing


  • Eric Steele - Release Management

  • Mikel Larreategi - Translations

  • Steve Piercy - Documentation

  • Jens Klein - Installers

  • Érico Andrei - Installers

  • Victor Fernandez de Alba - Volto

Notes: ->

Remove readthedocs of everything:, you name it. Google knows.

  • Training: Kim Paulissen is organizing the trainings for Namur. Philip will assist. Trainings need to be updated, especially theming/javascript and Volto (hands on).
  • Marketing: sprint Friday June 17. Hopefully testing site running by then, so we can work on content. Conference site is running.
    • How is marketing planning to tell about the release? No definite plans yet. Depends on the timeline too. The is the main way to show plone 6 - its on our minds right now. Release before plone conf.
    • Marketing should organize a meeting considering plone 6 release
      • Market already Beta - yes (June?)
      • Philip: More effort to plone 6 demo site, nightly, more addons, add slate (maybe similar to
      • Cool use case from Kitconcept to cases - can use it
  • Backend/classic: close to beta. Some image stuff still, robot tests are unstable.
  • Volto: pending pull request for Slate editor. New style wrapper, some discussion about that. No real blockers. Control panels come along nicely. If we get a signal that backend is ready for beta, we can quickly make a release.

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